NEW – The Ultimate Glove Dispensing System

New to Australian Scientific is our Progenics range offering the ultimate glove dispensing system.

Gloves are dispensed cuff first, this reduces the risk of contamination by 96% by not touching the finger and palm areas of the glove Unused gloves cannot be reinserted into the box further reducing cross contamination
Cost effective due to reduced waste by up to 30% as gloves are dispensed individually The advanced Progenics® packaging design reduces cardboard waste by up to 50% compared to traditional glove packaging
Fast and easy to use Brackets are supplied in kits with screw fixings, double sided tape and mounting instructions
The acrylic wall mounted dispenser brackets keep gloves away from contaminated surfaces and boxes are easily removed and replaced HACCP certified and TGA Healthcare listed
• Hospitality    • Dental
• Veterinary     • Hair and Beauty / Tattooists
• Food Processing and Production
• Cleaning and Chemicals    • Spray Painting
• Laboratories and Pharmaceutical

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