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Horizontal Air Flow Ovens

Labec presents the Superior Horizontal Air Flow Oven, proudly crafted in Australia with a focus on exceptional quality and durability. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, this oven is designed for easy maintenance and long-lasting performance. The side draught feature ensures even temperature distribution, making it ideal for loaded chambers or samples with large surfaces.

The Superior Horizontal Air Flow Oven is engineered to meet the demands of various applications, where consistent and precise temperature control is paramount. Whether you’re dealing with loaded chambers or samples requiring uniform heat distribution, this oven provides reliable performance. Labec’s commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of this oven, making it a trusted choice for laboratories and industrial settings. Elevate your thermal processing capabilities with Labec’s Superior Horizontal Air Flow Oven.


  • Available in 4 Models
  • Capacity (L): 66 | 160 | 300 | 507
  • Temp. Min: Ambient +5°C
  • Temp. Max: 200°C
  • Weight (kg): 45 | 60 | 76 | 96

Minimum Free Space Oven

Labec’s oven complies with BS 1016 and has a working chamber measuring 274 x 158 x 28 mm. The heating elements are in the outer chamber and the temperature control system’s sensing element is mounted on the exterior of the working chamber.

Equipped with a temperature controller that utilizes a solid-state relay to manage power to the elements, the oven achieves a maximum continuous working temperature of 200°C. Exceptional temperature stability, with fluctuations within 0.25°C under normal conditions, ensures uniformity and reproducibility of results.

For temperature verification, users can insert a thermometer into the pocket at the back of the oven, reaching the center of the chamber. The door, secured by two captive bolts and fitted with a silicone rubber gasket, guarantees sufficient gas tightness. The heating chamber passes a copper tube that connects the nitrogen inlet, situated at the top rear of the case. The nitrogen inlet ensures that nitrogen is heated to the correct temperature before entering the oven. The working chamber has its gas outlet positioned at the top front.

Additionally, the oven comes with a desiccator designed for nitrogen passage, featuring a welded steel case with a thick bottom for high heat capacity and reduced cooling time. The desiccator includes inlet and outlet tubes at the front and rear to facilitate nitrogen flow. This comprehensive design emphasizes Labec’s commitment to precision, reliability, and versatility in thermal processing applications

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