Minimum Free Space Oven 200ºC

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Product Description

This oven conforms to the requirements of BS 1016 and has a working chamber of 274 x 158 x 28 mm. The working chamber is contained in an outer chamber, into which are fitted the heating elements. The sensing element for the control systems is attached to the outside of the working chamber.

The temperature controller switches power to the elements via a solid state relay. Maximum continuous working temperature is 200°C. Temperature fluctuation (under normal conditions) is within 0.25°C. This design gives extremely uniform conditions within the oven, very close temperature control and a high degree of reproducibility of results. Oven temperature can be checked by insertion of a thermometer into the pocket at the back of the oven, which protrudes into the centre of the chamber. The door is fitted with a silicone rubber gasket, ensuring adequate gas tightness, and is held in place by two captive bolts. At the top rear of the case is the nitrogen inlet. This is connected by a copper tube passing through the heating chamber to the oven proper, ensuring that the nitrogen is at the correct temperature before being admitted to the oven. The gas outlet is from the top front of the working chamber. The desiccator for use with the oven consists of a welded steel case with a thick bottom to give high heat capacity and reduce cooling time. Inlet and outlet tubes are provided at the front and rear to allow for the passage of nitrogen.


  • Dimensions overall (mm) H x W x D: 373 x 300 x 380
  • Ratings: 240(V) 1250(W)

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