pH Test Strips

The pH-Fix Test Strips are ideal for anyone who needs to measure pH levels accurately and easily. The indicator pads on them can detect pH levels across a wide range of 0-14. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a total of 14 different measuring ranges that are available. The test strips are designed to provide precise and consistent results. The color scale on the strips matches the test pads perfectly, making the process of pH determination quick, easy, and safe.

No bleeding due to colour bounded indicator dyes

The pH-Fix test strips are different from common indicator papers in that they use indicator dyes that are chemically bound to the test pads. This patented technology prevents the dyes from bleeding into the sample. Even in highly alkaline solutions, which ensures that your sample remains free of indicator dye contamination. As a result, you can use the solution for further analysis without any concerns. The test pads’ colors do not mix or bleed, which ensures that you can compare them accurately to the color scale. Moreover, the strips can be immersed in the solution for an extended period until the final reaction color has developed.

Safe analysis by long plastic handle

The extended plastic handle ensures your safety by preventing direct contact with the sample. pH-Fix makes it secure to test samples containing toxic, hazardous, or aggressive substances.

Redesigned packages for easy handling:
Smart cornerThe integrated corner design prevents test strips from getting jammed when closing the cover, ensuring maximum user convenience. Simply tilt the box, and the smart corner allows the test strips to fall smoothly without any obstruction. Closing the traditional flat box is effortless.

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