IKA Overhead Stirrer RW28 – PACKAGE

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Product Description

Powerful, mechanically controlled laboratory stirrer designed for highly viscous applications for quantities up to 80 l (H2O). It is suitable for intensive mixing for use in laboratories and pilot plants. The stirrer comes equipped with a protection for overheating of the motor by means of self-locking temperature limiter. Additionally, to secure bowls, a stirring shaft protection and clamping fixture are optionally available.

  • Digital speed display
  • Infinitely adjustable speed from 60 to 1400 rpm in two speed ranges
  • Push-through agitator shafts
  • Overload protection
  • Error code display
  • Robust, ergonomic design
  • Quiet operation
  • With constant power-drive


  • 5040000I – RW 28
  • 0477700I – R1385 Paddle
  • 1412100I – R2722 H-Stand
  • 2664000I – R271 Bosshead

• Max Stirring Volume: 80L (H20)
• Max Viscosity: 50,000mPas
• Speed Range: 60-1400rpm
• Max Torque 900Ncm
• Display: LED
• Chuck Range: 1-10mm
• Torque Trend Measurement: No
• Timer: No
• Temperature Measurement: No
• USB/RS232: No

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