Platypus Jar Tester (Flocculator) with 4 x 2L Jars

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Product Description

Operations and designer tools to assess the physical and chemical treatment of surface and ground waters.

Test Scope
  • coagulants, polymers, alkalinity treatment
  • metals oxidation
  • settlement rates
  • pre-treatment for flotation tests
  • reaction kinetics
  • mixing and flocculation energy evaluation
  • metal residuals
World Class Product
  • superior technology, materials, safety, functionality and presentation
  • relevant European, US and Australian Standards and Marks
  • advanced LED backlighting
Independent Mixing Stations
  • programmable speed and time settings for each of three flocculation stages – at each station

Platypus Jar Tester (Flocculator) models include:

1 x Vinyl water resistant dust cover (4GDC)
1 x set of paddles including:
4 x 4GSRP Small Radial Paddles
4 x 4GLRP Large Radial Paddles
4 x 4GBRP Butterfly Radial Paddles
4 x 4GAFP Axial Flow Paddles

Part Numbers
  • 4GJT – 4G Platypus Jar Tester without jars
  • 4GJT1L – 4G Platypus Jar Tester with 1L jars
  • 4GJT2L – 4G Platypus Jar Tester with 2L jars
  • 4GJT2LT – 4G Platypus Jar Tester with 2L jars & taps
  • 4GJ1 – 1L jar without sample tap
  • 4GJ2 – 2L jar without sample tap
  • 4GJ2T – 2L jar with sample tap
  • 4GDC – Vinyl dust cover, water resistant
  • 4GCC – Platypus Jar Tester Carry Case

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