Portable Infrared Thermometers

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Horiba IT-550Models: IT-550F, IT-550L, IT-550S

Quick, accurate and easy to use. Narrow focus splash-resistant with twin laser beam marker. 


The HORIBA IT-550 Series non-contact thermometers are equipped with a twin-beam marker that enables you to target the location that you want to measure quickly and accurately, and to confirm the measurement point at a glance. Choose from one of the three models for an ideal match to your temperature measurement application. IT-550F is designed for field use, the IT-550L is for laboratory use, and the IT-550S is for making spot focus measurements on target areas as small as 2.5mm in diameter.

The IT-550 Series thermometers are splash-resistant, so they can be safely used with wet hands and in wet environments and rain.

Data printout is possible by connecting the expansion kit to the IT-550F model (which is equipped with data hold), and the IT550L and IT-550S units have an analogue output that can be used to record data on a data logger or to process data using a personal computer.

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Horiba IT-545Models: IT-545N, IT-545-NH, IT-545S

Compact, quick, highly accurate and easy to use. Narrow focus splash-resistant with twin laser beam marker. Spot focus model has LED marker.

The HORIBA IT-545 Series non-contact thermometers include include various options for versatility in measurement ranges, target areas and target distances. Spot focus model will measure targets as small as 2.5mm in diameter. The non-contact thermometer allows for temperature measurement in dangerous applications such as monitoring abnormal heat generation in high-temperature voltage transformer equipment, power supply panels, quick and accurate hygienic monitoring of the storage temperature of food products. Measurements are instantaneous and accurate.

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