Horiba Laqua Conductivity Meters

Conductivity Meters

compact pocket ec meter

Conductivity, along with pH, is an important factor for determining the characteristics of aqueous solutions. For our purposes, it is a measure of a liquid’s ability to conduct an electric current. Liquids, and in particular water, dissolve various substances. In many cases, when a substance dissolves in water, the latter conducts electric current more easily than before. Therefore, in simple terms, conductivity can be said to be a quantity that indicates the amount of substance dissolved in a liquid.

Why measure Conductivity (EC)?
  • Conductivity is useful as a general measure of water quality. Each water body tends to have a relatively constant range of conductivity that, once established, can be used as a baseline for comparison with regular conductivity measurements.
black horiba portable meterOur Horiba Range
  • If you are looking for a versatile product with high technology and accuracy, the HORIBA LAQUA range of instrumentation is the best choice for you. We offer compact (pocket) meters, portable meters, and bench meters to meet the needs for nearly any application.


Conductivity (EC) Electrodes

thin conductivity electrode

  • Conductivity electrodes, available in two and four cell models, are used with conductivity meters to measure a solution’s ability to convey an electrical flow. The electrodes feature built-in temperature compensation, as well as high, standard, and low conductivity measuring ranges. Due to the many and varied applications for conductivity measurement, we have a wide range of electrodes to suit.


Calibration for EC meters

Conductivity is based on values published in APHA, AWWA, WEF. Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater 22nd Edition.

bottles of calibration solutionsOur conductivity standards are referenced to Standard Conductivity Solution prepared from potassium chloride 99.99% and traceable to NIST Standard Reference Material and using equipment calibrated and traceable to national standards.  We stock a range of conductivity standards of varying values. Certificates of Analysis (C of A’s) are available on request.


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