Burettes acc. to Mohr

BurettesBurettes are calibrated volumetric instruments with graduations and ground-in stopcocks. They are used in laboratories for quantitative measurements of smaller liquid volumes in titration. Burettes are calibrated ”Ex” (to deliver): The imprinted volume corresponds to the delivered quantity of liquid.


  • BurettesClass B (shortline graduation)
  • Class AS (fast delivery, circular graduation at main points). ”A” stands for highest accuracy, ”S” for fast delivery. The tolerances of class AS are half of the tolerances of class B according to DIN ISO standards.
  • Class AS conformity certified (fast delivery, circular graduation at main points): Conformity means compliance with the German Calibration Regulations and the relevant standards. By imprinting the conformity symbol ”H” we confirm that the measuring device complies with these conditions. A batch certificate of conformity is supplied together with every box. On request individual certificates of conformity are available.
  • made of borosilicate glass 3.3 (amber glass: dyed brown)
  • in compliance with DIN EN ISO 385
  • very good chemical resistance
  • minimal thermal expansion
  • high resistance to thermal shocks
  • blue graduation
  • legible numbers and graduations
  • 2 pieces in a sturdy carton

Burette class AS with PTFE plug with Schellbach stripe:

Cat. No.



242310110 :  0,02 ml± 0,02 ml
242311125 :  0,05 ml± 0,03 ml
242313150 :  0,1 ml± 0,05 ml
2423141100 :0,2 ml± 0,10 ml

BurettesAutomatic burettes acc. to Dr. Schilling

  • with automatic zero adjustment
  • class B
  • the Schellbach stripe at the back of the clear glass burette facilitates reading precisely the meniscus of a liquid
  • calibrated ”Ex” (to deliver)
  • with high grade pinchcock
  • complete with plastic bottle and stable plastic base (red)
  • top of burette is provided with an overflow tube
  • bottle and burette are firmly fixed by the fitting
  • suitable for left- and right-handers
  • 2 pieces in a sturdy carton

Burette clear glass, with Schellbach stripe blue graduation, Dr Schillings:

Cat. No.

Capacity burette

Capacity bottle


26004005 : 0,05 ml500 mlblue
260060010 : 0,05 ml500 mlblue
260080025 : 0,1 ml1000 mlred
260100050 : 0,1 ml1000 mlred


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