Glassware Drying Oven 520L Capacity Temperature Range Room Temp +5ºC ~ 80ºC Fan Forced, Model No – GWD520

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Product Description

Labec Glassware Drying Oven is manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability with double sliding glass doors for convenient accessibility. An inconel element inside the chamber and fan forced convection heating circulates the warm air inside the chamber providing fast and efficient drying with a cool to touch exterior surface. Available in a range of sizes, suitable for benchtops and general laboratories. Custom sizes also available.


  • Available in 4 Models
  • Capacity (L): 115 | 225 | 520 | 1000
  • Temp. Controller: Thermostat
  • Temp. Min: Ambient +5°C
  • Temp. Max: 80°C
  • Temp. Setting Accuracy: ±5°C
  • Temp. Fluctuation: ±5°C
  • Temp. Sensor: Thermostat
  • Heating System: Electric Element
  • Weight (kg): 45 | 60 | 75 | 92

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