An ultrasonic bath is a cleaning device designed to provide thorough cleaning for a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, ceramics, and more. It is used for cleaning items like jewelry, watches, optics, dental tools, aesthetic tools, coins, and parts after machining. The ultrasonic cleaning method is known for its gentle yet effective cleaning process, reaching even the most challenging areas. Our range of ultrasonic baths is manufactured in Australia by Unisonics, ensuring strict testing and quality control standards before they are made available in the mark

Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaners (FXP)

The FXP range features a light gauge 304 stainless steel tank and is designed for applications where light cleaning is needed with non-harsh chemicals. It is not recommended for use with chemicals that have a pH level lower than 4.

Industrial Ultrasonice Cleaners (FSS)

The FSS range is crafted for more robust cleaning applications and is constructed with 316 marine-grade stainless steel. These tanks are produced by a local fabricating company, providing the flexibility to customize tanks for specific customer needs while maintaining stock of standard sizes.

Accessories are available, please contact one of our staff members with your requests

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